BIM and Construction Management: Proven Tools, Methods, and Workflows 2nd Edition

BIM and Construction Management: Proven Tools, Methods, and Workflows 2nd Edition

بیم  و مدیریت پروژه و ساخت.

BIM و مدیریت ساخت و ساز ، یک بررسی جامع از BIM و سایر فناوری های نوین در کل چرخه عمر پروژه می باشد. این کتاب شامل آخرین پیشرفت های BIM  ، از جمله روش ها ، گردش کار ، آموزش ها ، و دامنه وسیع تری که بر دستیابی به نتایج بهتر و متمرکز است،  رفتارها و طرز فکرهایی که باید برای استفاده مؤثرتر از قابلیت های این فن آوری جدید لازم می باشد.


A sleeker, more comprehensive approach to construction projects

BIM and Construction Management, Second Edition is a complete integration guide, featuring practical advice, project tested methods and workflows, and tutorials for implementing Building Information Modeling and technology in construction. Updated to align with the latest software editions from Autodesk, Trimble and Bentley, this book provides a common sense approach to leveraging BIM to provide significant value throughout a project's life cycle. This book outlines a results-focused approach which shows you how to incorporate BIM and other technologies into all phases of construction management, such as:

Project planning: Set up the BIM project to succeed right from the start by using the right contracts, the right processes and the right technology

Marketing: How to exceed customer expectations and market your brand of BIM to win.

Pre-construction: Take a practical approach to engineer out risks in your project by using the model early to virtually build and analyze your project, prior to physical construction.

Construction: Leverage the model throughout construction to build safer and with better quality.

Field work: Learn how mobile technologies have disrupted the way we work in the field to optimize efficiencies and access information faster.

Closeout: Deliver a better product to your customer that goes beyond the physical structure and better prepares them for future operations.

Additionally, the book provides a look at technology trends in construction and a thoughtful perspective into potential use cases going forward.

BIM and Construction Management, Second Edition builds on what has changed in the construction landscape and highlights a new way of delivering BIM-enabled projects. Aligning to industry trends such as Lean, integrated delivery methods, mobile platforms and cloud-based collaboration this book illustrates how using BIM and technology efficiently can create value


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ISBN-13: 978-1118942765

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