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XC100 - Carbon Monoxide Detector

برند Honeywell
دسته بندی اصلی اعلام حریق
دسته بندی فرعی اعلام
تاریخ انتشار 12 شهریور 1398
شماره نسخه 1
گونه فایل Single Object(V2019)
کد دنیای بیم BS_18_FI_02_002_01
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Carbon Monoxide (CO), not to be confused with Carbon Dioxide (CO2), is an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas that is toxic to humans and animals. It is often referred to as the “Silent Killer” because none of our senses can alert us to its presence; we can’t smell it, taste it or see it. The initial symptoms, tiredness and headaches, are similar to those of influenza, which can make it difficult to diagnose. When deadly levels of Carbon Monoxide are present in a home, the occupants will become unconscious and do not wake again. In the UK alone, thousands of people are treated in hospital for CO poisoning and there are many deaths every year.

LedBim Category:

Fire Products - Protection

LedBim Sub Category:


IFC classification:


UNSPSC name:

Fire alarm systems

UNSPSC code:


Uniclass 1.4 Code:


Uniclass 1.4 Description:

Fire detection and alarm systems

Uniclass 2.0 Code:


Uniclass 2.0 Description:

Fire Detection And Alarm Systems

Uniclass 2015 Code:


Uniclass 2015 Description:

Carbon monoxide detectors

NBS Reference Code:


NBS Reference Description:

Fire Detection And Alarm Systems

CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code:

28 31 00

CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title:

Fire Detection and Alarm

OmniClass Number:

23-29 29 00

OmniClass Title:

Fire Detection Devices

CSI UniFormat II Code:


CSI UniFormat II Title:



• Own proven long-life sensor technology

• Third party certified by BSI to EN50291-1:2010 andEN50291-2:2010

• Sealed housing to protect from adverse environmental conditions

• Alarm memory• Event logger

• Optional pre-alarm

• Low level monitoring mode

• End-of-life signal

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