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UPS Galaxy VX 3 phase 1250-1500kVA

برند Schneider-electric
دسته بندی اصلی الکترونیک
دسته بندی فرعی تلویزیون و تجهیزات بصری
تاریخ انتشار 14 شهریور 1398
شماره نسخه 1
گونه فایل Family Types(V2019)
کد دنیای بیم BO_20-EL_19_001_01
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The Galaxy VX UPS is a highly efficient, scalable, flexible extension of the Schneider Electric Galaxy V-Series solutions for data center and industrial applications. Galaxy VX uses innovative features, including patented 4-level inverters and ECOnversion mode, to lower energy costs and meet changing business requirements. Galaxy VX provides N+1 redundancy at full capacity and delivers excellent power quality in demanding electrical environments, with a wide input voltage window, robust overload capacity, and power factor corrected input that eliminates oversizing of upstream gear. The Galaxy VX also links to facility monitoring systems such as the Schneider Electric StruxureWare for Data Center solution. Galaxy VX features a touch-screen display, top and bottom cable entry, full front service access, no rear clearance requirement, Smart Power Test (SPoT), and start-up service for efficient deployment. With support for traditional battery solutions as well as Lithium Ion and flywheel energy storage solutions, Galaxy VX provides the performance and flexibility required by today’s large data centers and mission critical applications.

LedBim Category:

Electrical - Other

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IFC classification:

Electric Appliance

UNSPSC name:

Electrical or power regulators

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Uniclass 1.4 Code:


Uniclass 1.4 Description:

Electrical systems

Uniclass 2.0 Code:


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Electrical Power Control Products

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Electrical protection systems


1250 kW, 1500 kW N+1 (400V [IEC]), 1250 kW, 1500 kW N+1 (480V [UL]).

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