Premset - MV Switchgear up to 17.5kV

Premset - MV Switchgear up to 17.5kV

برند Schneider-electric
دسته بندی اصلی الکتریکال
دسته بندی فرعی سینی کابل، داکت و ترانکینگ
تاریخ انتشار 14 شهریور 1398
شماره نسخه 1
گونه فایل Family Types(V2019)
کد منظر بوم نقش BO_20_EL_04_005_01
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LedBim Category:

Electrical - Installations

LedBim Sub Category:


IFC classification:

Electric Distribution

Uniclass 1.4 Code:


Uniclass 1.4 Description:

Electrical systems

Uniclass 2.0 Code:


Uniclass 2.0 Description:

Electrical Systems

NBS Reference Code:


NBS Reference Description:

Electrical Systems

An innovative new generation of medium voltage switchgear, a range composed of compact, smart and modular units up to 17.5 kV, earth shielded solid and easily adaptable to specific requirements:
- Circuit breaker and switch-disconnector using vacuum technology 
- Rated PF withstand voltage: 42/48 kV 1mn
- Rated BIL withstand voltage: 95/110 kV
- Rated busbar current: 630A and 1250A 
- Rated max short time withstand current: 25 kA x 3s 
- Cable earthing switch: 25 kA, M0, E2 
- Degree of protection: IP3X 
- Dimensions W x H x D (mm): 375 x 1550 x 910

Functional units:
- 3 switches:
- I06T and I06H, I12H 
- 5 circuit-breakers: D01N, D02N, D06N, D06H, D12H 
- 4 metering units: M06S, M06A, M12S, M12A 
- Technology: Shielded Solid Insulation 
- Standard: IEC